How to put on your wig:

Before you start, make sure your hair is braided down and your braids are suitable for the style you will be wearing!

  • 1. Take the wig out of the box and remove any protective packaging
  • 2. Turn the wig upside down; using your first finger and thumb expand the sides and place your head into it (keeping the wig upside down)
  • 3. Adjust the wig so that is it sitting in the correct position. If there is a parting make sure that it is in line with the parting in your braids.
  • 4. If you would like to tighten the wig, look for the two straps on the sides and use them to adjust the sizing.
  • 5. Style the wig as you desire.
  • 6. Welcome to the Lux Caramel Wigs family … now slay


  • Store your wig on a mannequin head when you remove it so it can retain the style and shape
  • Wash and condition your wig regularly – minimum every two weeks!
  • Deep condition your hair regularly – at least once every three weeks
    My personal favorite is tresemme luxurious moisture Shampoo and luxurious moisture conditioner
  • Use a heat protectant when using heated styling tools to minimize split ends and heat damage
  • Brush your hair only when needed – excessive combing and brushing decreases the longevity of your virgin hair and the wig.
  • Brush/comb your wig from the tips to the roots – this reduces shedding.
  • Use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb to detangle
  • Store your wig in a safe place (i.e on a mannequin head or in the box) and out of the reach of children
  • Braid your natural hair under the wig so that it can lay flat
  • Use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb to detangle

Do not:

  • Apply too much product to your wig – this will weigh down the hair, leaving it greasy and not very cute!
  • Direct excessive high heat (i.e when using a blow dryer, straightener or curling wand) to the mesh cap or lace frontal/3 way lace closure/silk based closure.
  • Leave your wig to deep condition on a hot radiator – this is extremely dangerous!
  • Sleep or shower with the wig on (where possible).